Right on the heels of the 7 and 8 month updates, Sloan is magically now 9 months 😉 He was a champ at his 9 month check up, and I really feel like this has been one of my favorite stages – he’s mobile, interactive and just learning so darn much everyday.


I have a feeling this is how our monthly pictures are going to go from here on out…

  • Stats: At his 9 month check up, Sloan weighed 22lbs, 8oz (74th percentile) and was 28 inches long (42nd percentile). Squatty and healthy haha! No ear infections and was a champ through the 1 shot he needed this appointment. He’s finally sprouting some blondish hair, but were still waiting on chompers! He’s wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
  • Likes: Dash, crawling, light up toys (especially his new drum!), afternoon walks, his dada, the pool (my little fish!) and of course…all food.
My happy boy chowing down on some raspberries

My happy boy chowing down on some raspberries

  • Dislikes: New faces (he’s finally achieved stranger danger status), falling as he tries to stand (duh), and that’s about it
  • Eats: ALL THE FOODS. He shivered when my sister tried to feed him a pickle, but that’s been the closest I’ve seen to disdain towards an item of food! He really enjoys fish (salmon and shrimp especially), Puffs, berries, yogurt, and little sneaks of ice cream that I’ll give him a lick of every once in awhile 😉 We’ve cut back to 2 bottles a day, with 6 ounces each of formula. The doctor advised that since he was eating so well (and a large variety), he probably didnt need the bottles, and you know what? I cut out his 11AM and 3PM bottles and he hasn’t skipped a beat! Ive also been trying more sippy cup with formula, and he’s adapted really well to that too.
"Let's pick out some food, Mom!"

“Let’s pick out some food, Mom!”

  • Health: He’s battled a cold off and on for about a month, but it hasn’t kept him down thankfully! And per his pediatrician, his lungs and ears were clear, which is all a mom can hope for!
  • Sleep: I always say this during this section, but knock on wood, the sleep is still going pretty well. He’s doing 2 naps a day (around 9-1030/11 and then 1-3ish), alongside sleeping from about 645PM to 7AM.  Perhaps it’s all that food he’s downing that helps his sleep 😉
  • Milestones:
    • CRAWLING! I feel like we waited on this one forever, but when it came, he was on the go! And now when he transitions from sitting to crawling, it’s almost like he wants to try to stand. Along the same lines…
    • …pulling up. He likes to look at out the windows at the dogs and birds, as well as pulling up and sitting up in his crib more and more
    • Waving – I love this one…so sweet
    • 1st 4th of July! While we didnt watch any fireworks, he did enjoy some good old North Carolina BBQ on his first fourth.
Peek a boo!

Peek a boo!

Sloany Bear: we love watching you learn and grow. It’s such a treat watching you grow into such a fun, happy, handsome, loving boy.

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